One of the hottest trends in sports for 2016 was created by a boutique sports agency, Sportrons.

Sportrons is the world’s first Implied Sponsorship™ agency which has the ability to associate a brand to a Sports Team, Event, or Venue at a fraction of the cost of a Traditional Sponsorship. Sportrons’ Proprietary Implied Sponsorship Plan is a key component of the Strategic Advertising Placement Program. Any Sport, Any Venue, Any Time™

Not all brands have the budget of Budweiser, AT&T or State Farm, but with Sportrons, you could apply one of the Implied Sponsorship approaches and compete in advertising and sponsorship of sports for a fraction of the budget. Here are a couple of examples;

How would you like to look like a Super Bowl Sponsor, you could buy a 30 second commercial for around $4 million, or you could use an Implied Sponsorship approach and buy other NFL assets like and NFL mobile and some other lesser known media for a week spending only $100,000. Giving your Brand, “The Implied Sponsorship Effect.”

Implied Sponsorship in sports can last one event or more and allow brands to build on that campaign for the long haul. SPORTRONS created, developed and manages the Sportrons Network (Digital Video Sports Jumbotron Network) which creates the ability for advertisers’ placement on the digital displays, Jumbotron, LED’s and TV screens in Sports Venues. Sportrons coverage includes both professional and college sports in over 850 venues, 15 sports leagues and 25,000+ events, reaching 260+ Million Fans annually.

SPORTRONS is a full service sports marketing agency that assists both Brands and Sports/Entertainment Venues to fully develop and sell unique and state of the art media assets. Elements of such media assets often include developing Advertising Placement Programs for Strategic Sports Partnerships; new digital display media in sports and “Live” Entertainment Venues; hospitality; interactive kiosks and branded concession items; integration of social media; on-site activation and live broadcasts. Sportrons provides year-round or limited-time solutions for product launches, campaigns, and brand awareness.

If you’d like to learn more about Implied Sponsorship call Sportrons today visit our website at and learn how you can start Reaching Sports Fans in America™ through Implied Sponsorship and “get your brand in the game™”.